Signal AI’s media monitoring platform enables you to search, measure, analyze, and share global media coverage from the top broadcast, print, and online sources in one easy-to-use platform.

Our platform combines comprehensive global datasets and cutting edge AI search technology to dial in on the most important aspects of media monitoring – accuracy and speed. Our AI platform ensures you are tracking and surfacing real-time, actionable insights to power better decision-making.

Why Signal AI?

  • Breadth of Coverage. Monitor coverage from 2.7 million sources across print, online, broadcast, and regulatory channels.
  • Unlimited Searches. Monitor your brand, competitors, industry trends, spokespeople, and more.
  • Accurate, Quality Results. Unlike traditional methods of imprecise keyword tracking and clunky Boolean strings, our extensive taxonomy of AI-powered keywords and topics extracts the most relevant results.
  • Real-Time Alerts. Receive instant notifications of mentions, unfolding stories, and breaking news.
  • Advanced Reporting. Analyze KPIs and track sentiment with our intuitive Dashboards and customize reports for easy distribution.
  • Augmented Decision Making. Trained by you, our AI technology understands your unique data horizon at scale and surfaces key insights to augment decision making across departments.

Use Signal AI to:

  • Monitor and manage reputation
  • Spot a PR opportunity and crisis
  • React to supply chain disruption
  • Track ESG performance
  • Increase productivity and response times
  • Measure campaign impact
  • Demonstrate the value of PR to key stakeholders

See the difference AI makes. Request your no-hassle, customized demo of our media monitoring and market intelligence platform today.

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See how Signal AI can uncover the insights you need to make critical business decisions.

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