Media Intelligence Suite

Our best-in-class product offers you unparalleled access to the world’s information.

Signal’s Media Intelligence Suite mirrors your workflow, automating your media monitoring, reporting and analysis to free you up to focus on what matters most. Our A.I. accurately categorises, translates and extracts intelligence from over 5 million sources a day and surfaces the relevant information in real-time.  

Signal Monitor

Let us do the listening. Signal's A.I. searches across over millions of premium and exclusive print, broadcast, regulatory, trade and online content sources in over 50 languages. Automated alerts and reporting ensure you and your team can be sure you’re on top of every story, whenever and wherever it starts. Our limitless model means you can track everything that matters. With Signal Monitor, you never have to save on search costs and risk a nasty surprise.

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Signal Measure

Signal Measure takes the hassle away from your regular reporting. Automated analytics provide real-time insight into your world, whether that’s in-depth competitor analysis, market landscape intelligence, or your brand reputation and media presence. We also provide a variety of regular offline reporting tools to help you understand and demonstrate your impact. Signal Measure means always having the answer to why.

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Regulatory Compliance

Signal takes the strain out of regulatory compliance. Our AI tracks legal updates throughout the legislative lifecycle giving you a heads-up at each stage.

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Market Intelligence

Signal simplifies and speeds up market intelligence gathering. Whatever you are researching, our AI processes a myriad of data and content-rich sources for a multitude of search terms including companies, topics, people and events.

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