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Market Intelligence

Gather and harness market intelligence in half the time.


Signal AI simplifies and speeds up market intelligence gathering. Whatever you are researching, our AI processes a myriad of data and content-rich sources for a multitude of search terms including companies, topics, people and events. Discover risks and opportunities faster so you can be the first to capitalise on them.

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Real-Time Search

Search across millions of sources around the world in real-time to:


  • Find new business development opportunities
  • Perform competitor analysis for tactical planning
  • Horizon scan to direct future strategy.
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Man using AI to search media sources

Disseminate Information

Share information rapidly with stakeholders and senior leaders:


  • Customisable alerts automatically sent based on your preferences
  • Build and send branded reports in just a few clicks
  • Create and export graphs from the Insights dashboard.
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Executive Briefings

Get even greater analysis when you need it with executive briefings:


  • Topic-specific deep dives performed by data analysis experts
  • From short biographies through to in-depth long-form reports
  • One-off project based or ongoing analysis.
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