Signal AIQ

Signal AIQ

The next generation of Artificial Intelligence


AIQ is the brain behind Signal AI’s media monitoring and market intelligence platform that is delivering tangible efficiencies for Communications teams and business leaders alike.

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Industry-leading AI

AIQ is the brainchild of Signal AI’s internationally recognised Research team and includes collaborations with many of the best universities and research labs in the world. AIQ is a new generation of AI, designed to empower cross-functional teams to derive insight from overwhelming amounts of data.

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Real-world applications

AIQ is being used to solve longstanding problems such as accurately quantifying PR impact, and time-consuming, manual tasks such as media monitoring, which is plagued by poor accuracy and too much noise.

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Delivering tangible results

AIQ underscores how we are leveraging our proprietary AI technology to develop the capabilities of our platform and ultimately, help our customers uplevel their work. From content classification and clustering to sentiment analysis and entity extraction, AIQ is at the heart of everything Signal AI release.

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