Watch: What does impact really mean in PR measurement?

Webinar: What does impact really mean in PR measurement?

Are you measuring what really matters? Do you have a comprehensive understanding of PR measurement? What does impact even mean in PR measurement?

In this webinar Amy Wright, measurement veteran and Account Director at Media Measurement Limited, delves into the intricacies and complexities of PR measurement to explain and demystify. In this thirty minute webinar you will gain actionable takeaways and insights into:

  • How to use data to provide the insights that key stakeholders need
  • How to use PR metrics to design, create and improve campaigns and to drive results
  • More than monthly reporting: understanding what’s happening and how you can leverage it (in real-time)
  • How award winning clients have used data and insight to succeed.

About Amy Wright

Amy Wright, Account Director at Media Measurement. Amy specialises in the planning and delivery of integrated social and traditional media analysis research programmes to global clients, with a key focus on measuring the success of PR & Communications activity and social media engagement programmes.

Note: This on-demand webinar has an approx. running time of thirty one minutes.