Signal AI announces AI Leadership Summit 2020

Signal AI Leadership Su

LONDON / NEW YORK  – 20th July 2020 – Signal AI, one of the leading companies transforming how business leaders make sense of the world’s information using AI, is pleased to announce their Signal AI Leadership Summit 2020 on 21st July 2020, in partnership with MBS Group and Tortoise Intelligence. The focus of the event is the transformational role technology, and artificial intelligence (AI) in particular, will play in addressing the current challenges and opportunities surfaced by Covid-19, and beyond.

The event will be an online gathering, bringing together thought leaders from the global AI, environmental, social and governance (ESG), business and economics arenas to discuss what role technology can play in addressing the current challenges and opportunities we all face in the great global reset that Covid-19 has brought to bear.

Conformed contributors include:

  • Professor Jason Furman, Chief Economist to President Obama
  • Dr Vivienne Ming, Founder and Executive Chair at Sonos Labs
  • Professor Stuart Russell, University of California, Berkeley Honorary Fellow, Wadham College, Oxford
  • Kay Firth Butterfield, Head of AI and Machine Learning and Member of the Executive Committee at World Economic Forum
  • Gila Sacks, Director, Digital and Tech Policy at UK Government
  • Chuka Umunna, ex Government Minister, Signal AI Advisory Board, Head of ESG at Edelman
  • Sapna Sood, Non Executive Director at M&S
  • Simon Collins, Founder of Gold Collins Associates, Chairman Decoded, Non Executive Director Royal Air Force, former Chairman KPMG UK

David Benigson, CEO of Signal AI, said, “Covid-19 has laid bare the global interdependencies and vulnerabilities of a connected world. We’ve never been more disrupted or had such an overwhelming amount of information, and yet we have both information overload and information scarcity. We’re keen to convene some of the world’s leading minds on the challenges we all face in the wake of Covid-19 and more broadly, and how we can best reimagine the future, and take a look at the transformative technology that can support that vision. We are delighted with the calibre of the thinkers contributing to the Summit, and look forward to an event that ignites radical ideas and moves the needle on how technology and AI in particular can transform society, our visions and our decision-making.”

The Signal AI Leadership Summit 2020 will look at what leadership will look like in this new normal. How do decision makers strike a path through this information overload in our new COVID-19 reality? How does this impact reputation and purpose, environmental and social responsibility, supply chain management and disruption? What role does technology, and particularly tools like AI have to play in this?

Experts, business leaders, thinkers and even a self professed professional mad scientist will be convened to look at how we are making sense of the global information overload, navigating through the current crisis and making decisions in the new normal.  In what ways is AI about to radically transform the way we think, work and exist?

Signal AI Leadership Summit 2020
21st July 2020, 3.45pm - 6.30pm (BST) , 10.45am - 1.30pm (ET), 7.45am - 10.30am (PT)
Link to the event details and registration here.

About Signal AI
Signal AI is a fast growing UK artificial intelligence company creating pioneering AI solutions to enable better decision making. It believes AI is one of the most exciting and significant technological developments of our time. Signal AI’s pioneering platform enables organisations to track defined challenges in real time. From competitive landscape and changes to regulation, to monitoring reputation or supply chain, the Signal AI platform gathers the relevant data and applies its proprietary machine learning analysis, in turn empowering smarter and faster decisions. For more information on the Signal AI platform, visit the Signal AI website:

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Georgie Weedon, Head of Communications, Signal AI