Signal AI Launches Report on Reputation and Business Performance and Unveils New Technology that Measures Shifts in Corporate Reputation 

Feb 9th, New York & London — A new report polling 1,000 c-level executives has found that 72% of business leaders see reputation as a stronger driver of business performance than margin in the next five years. The Signal AI State of Corporate Reputation and Business Performance report polling 1,000 c-level executives also finds that 72% of business leaders believe that more reliable quantifiable reputation data could improve business performance directly by between 26% and 100%.

The in-depth report, which probed business leaders on the future of corporate reputation, looked to uncover the impact of reputation on business performance, and found that an overwhelming majority of leaders (92%) think ESG issues will impact reputation in the next 12 months. The full report, with insight from 1,000 business leaders and decision-makers, also found that 70% of corporate affairs teams will increase their investment in tech and data by an average of 63% in the next year. 

With boards now valuing reputation more than ever before, and specifically demanding a  more sophisticated mapping and measurement technology, Signal AI has today also announced the launch of its new technology allowing users to measure shifts in corporate reputation. The new API Suite provides access to a new kind of reputation data for the first time. 

Armed with this data, organisations can now integrate Signal AI intelligence into their own workflows, combine with their own or third-party data from other sources to derive unique insights and visualise it through business intelligence interfaces like Tableau or Power BI. They will also be able to build custom reputation scoring methodologies  that power confident reputation-based decisions that weren’t possible before. 

Sem de Spa, Senior Manager Digital Risk Solutions at Deloitte, said: ”With Signal AI’s new technology, we are able to provide clients with predictive intelligence to timely mitigate risks. For instance, we found out that a prospect supplier had an incident leaking blue wax. It turned out to be a very small and harmless event. But even though in this case the incident occurred at a prospect supplier, this type of issue is always good to know about because it can bring damage to the reputation of the company.”

Jen Prosek, Founding Partner at Prosek Partners, said, ”Working with Signal AI’s newly released API Suite has enabled us to create deeply valuable proprietary reputation products that fuel the kind of insight that is simply impossible without artificial intelligence. The new quantifiable reputation data that Signal AI is able to provide via its SaaS and API Suite is truly helping to change the way reputational decisions are made.”

David Benigson, CEO and co-founder of Signal AI said: “The global business environment is in the middle of a quiet revolution, fuelled by the convergence of two trends: the explosion of data and the growing demands on reputation management in an increasingly complex environment, and the emergence of reputational ESG issues and their impact on corporate reputation and therefore business performance. From social unrest, to the climate crisis to mandated transparency on corporate governance, to the inextricable link between trust and company performance, the need to understand the external ecosystem has changed forever.”

He continued, “Our report shows there is significantly more demand for agile actionable decision intelligence and real-time quantifiable reputational data, so the moment is right to share Signal AI’s first analytics API suite with the market. Clients can use the power of our (or other) data sources together with Signal AI’s powerful AIQ Engine to create proprietary reputation and risk products that are unique to them, their company or clients. For the first time the kind of quantifiable reputational data boards and business leaders have been lacking is here. We are excited about the possibilities this will open up for our clients.”

The newly-released API suite has already powered unique strategic reputational intelligence products for forward thinking organisations including Deloitte and leading financial comms agency Prosek Partners, allowing partners to build their own bespoke and proprietary data products. 

Signal AI ‘s core technology, already used by 40% of Fortune 500 Companies, aggregates global news, regulatory and social data from over 5 million different sources, in over 100 different languages, with Natural Language Processing used to enrich this data.

Affinity allows users to understand the proximity of entities such as companies to various topics, and track the change in proximity over time, providing them with actionable intelligence  and flagging the identity, speed and scale of impending reputational risks and communication opportunities. 

Metrics enables clients to run high level analysis and aggregations over billions of documents to understand trends, patterns and emerging themes related to reputation and corporate perception. 

Search enables hyper relevant AI search over a billion documents, so clients can access only the most important and impactful data points and documents in real time.

Gartner predicts that by 2030, the Decision Augmentation market will surpass all other types of AI initiatives to account for 44% of the global AI-derived business value. Signal AI recently had a major $50m investment bringing the total investment in Signal AI to over $100m. 

Report Method

Signal AI, the leading global decision augmentation company empowering business leaders across a range of industries to make more informed and confident decisions, surveyed 1,000 c-level executives in an organization size of 250 and above. See the report in full here. 

About Signal AI

Signal AI is a leading global decision augmentation company, turning the world’s data into knowledge and empowering business leaders across a range of industries to make informed and confident decisions. 40% of the Fortune 500 including Deloitte, Bank of America and Google use the Signal AI decision augmentation solution for real-time market and media intelligence to uncover trends, risks and opportunities and support critical decision-making. Signal AI’s brain, named AIQ, comes to understand a decision maker’s context, monitors the world’s data and extracts knowledge from over 5 million news, blog, broadcast and regulatory documents each day and can surface the relationships between companies, people, products and topics as well as other concepts. Trained over time, Signal AI helps businesses and the people who work within them make more informed and confident decisions.


Georgie Weedon, Head of Communications, Signal AI