Signal AI releases Reputation Insight Graph on crisis-stricken retailer Boohoo

NEW YORK/ LONDON - November 20th, 2020 - Signal AI, a strategic communications tool provider that uses artificial intelligence to interpret the world's media and turn it into insight empowering better decisions, today released a reputation insight graph charting media sentiment with share price on the crisis striken retailer Boohoo.

Signal AI Reputation Intelligence - Boohoo media sentiment and share price
Signal AI Reputation Insight Sentiment Graph on crisis-stricken retailer Boohoo Group Plc

The blue line is Boohoo Group PLC share price. The green/red is media sentiment. The insight? Dip in media sentiment comes ahead of dive in share price.

As early as August 2019, influential outlets called out Boohoo’s unethical labour practices. The I and the Economist said that Boohoo, alongside JD Sports and Amazon, were using illegally cheap labour and that they need to change their labour practices. In April 2020, Boohoo came under increased scrutiny, with reports that it was not complying with the COVID-19 restrictions within their factories.

In July 2020, the labour scandal fully erupted. These earlier hints grew into damaging reports that Boohoo suppliers paid factory staff well under the minimum wage during the lockdown and that they were making the staff work with the virus.

October 19th 2020 - Boohoo share price crash as PWC steps down as auditors due to reputation concerns.

Boohoo Group Plc's share price has not recovered.


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