Signal AI trains first ever “disease topic” to provide businesses with the insights they need during the Coronavirus (COVID–19) pandemic via free, daily AI alerts

LONDON / NEW YORK – 18 MARCH 2020 – Today, Signal AI has announced it has used its AIQ engine to train the first ever "disease topic" on Coronavirus in its platform, giving clients unparalleled ability to track and analyse the explosion of information on the topic.

Signal AI realises the importance of relevant information and insight in such unprecedented times, and so is offering, free, widely available daily AI briefings, powered by Signal AI’s AIQ engine, surfacing the most impactful stories related to Coronavirus (COVID–19) across a range of industries. Businesses wishing to receive these briefings can sign up at the Signal AI website.

COVID–19 is having a significant impact on businesses around the world. There were 1,059,776 stories published globally about COVID–19 in the last 24 hours and 11,757,371 in the last 30 days. Organisations need to be able to quickly and accurately understand the changing environment in which they operate. To put the current situation into perspective, the volume of media mentions around other major outbreaks (as of 16 March 2020) demonstrates the scale of information that businesses are currently having to manage: Ebola (16.2 million), SARS (66.3 million) and COVID–19 (2.1 billion).

Signal AI leverages AI to conduct real-time analysis of online, print and broadcast media for relevant and valuable insights that empower business leaders and their teams. With the introduction of the ‘Coronavirus’ topic, Signal AI users will be able to cut through the noise across geography, sector and competitive landscape from over 200 markets and 100 languages. This will enable them to find the stories most relevant to their business by refining searches that can detect every iteration of COVID–19 mentioned in published media.

David Benigson, CEO and co-founder of Signal AI: “We are all aware of the implications that this outbreak has on our everyday lives. Businesses are struggling with a whole range of issues from huge fluctuations in global markets, to supply and demand issues and raising capital.
Having trained this topic on the platform, we can provide invaluable insight to businesses across sectors from financial services to FMCG to tax & regulatory, empowering them to make smarter, faster business decisions at a very critical time.”

On the platform, users can set up real-time feeds for mentions of the virus from trusted sources, as well as key competitors/comparators, to provide content that is hugely valuable to business and ongoing communications strategies. These can be sent out to key team members, as well as other functions within the business such as human resources and accounting.

About Signal AI

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