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Gathering insights from media analysis allows you to learn what works and move on from what doesn’t. It can be time consuming, but with the right tools you can reduce the journey to insights. 

Signal AI Dashboards presents media analysis in a centralized place, helping you to interrogate the data and look at the metrics that matter – so you can spend less time analyzing and more time doing. 

With Signal AI Dashboards, you can:

  • Save time by centralizing media analysis into one place and sharing this with others, meaning analysis is no longer the remit of just one team member.
  • Track share of voice to see how dominant you are in a specific area.
  • Make comparisons in the context of specific topics to see how you’re performing against your competitors.
  • Analyze how different campaigns or organizations are perceived by an audience with sentiment analysis.
  • Reduce the time it takes to gather insight, allowing them to spend more time on strategic activities.