External Intelligence for Reputation

A strong reputation is a business’ best asset, but it has always been hard to understand and measure. The Signal AI External Intelligence platform enables communicators to keep on top of emerging news, spot and mitigate reputational risks and identify opportunities to strengthen storylines.

Signal AI's Decision Augmentation

What we do

The Signal AI platform ingests the world’s content and transforms it into reputation insights. We provide premium content, AI powered accuracy and advanced metrics to inform communications strategies and narratives.

Obtain a quantifiable understanding of your reputation

Utilize External Intelligence for an accurate and quantifiable understanding of your organization’s reputation and perception in the market. Deliver a differentiated narrative and drive measurable reputational change.

With Signal AI x Kelp, transform reputation into a real business asset—one that can be measured and strengthened

Demonstrate the impact of your initiatives with topical analysis

Measure how your message is landing more precisely with deep quantifiable reputation insights. Analyze the quality of coverage, with metrics on volume of coverage, sentiment, salience, share of voice, social reach and competitor comparison.

Learn how to harness AI-powered Dashboards for a more accurate share-of-voice

Spot unforeseen reputational threats and respond with agility

Be the first to identify and take action against risks as soon as they emerge. Uncover blindspots with insights powered by diverse and premium content from over 5M documents a day covering over 200 markets and in 75 languages across published media, social, podcasts, blogs, broadcast and regulatory content.

Understand how the Disasters Emergency Committee remains agile to crises by spotting them early with Signal AI

Surface important insights and distribute to key stakeholders

Share insights affecting your brand across the business — comms leaders, c-suite, the board — before anyone else with real-time alerts and automated bulletins. Harness AI-powered searching that provides superior accuracy to traditional keyword-only methods.

Explore real time alerts, automated bulletins, curated reports and shareable Dashboards.

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How to access External Intelligence

“Working with Signal AI’s newly released API Suite has enabled us to create deeply valuable proprietary reputation products that fuel the kind of insight that is simply impossible without artificial intelligence. The new quantifiable reputation data that Signal AI is able to provide via its SaaS and API Suite is truly helping to change the way reputational decisions are made.”

Jen Prosek

Prosek Partners

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