[eGuide] Making the most of market intelligence

For a business to make the right decisions, knowledge of the industry, competitors and market is integral. But performing market intelligence and finding the right information can often be costly, take a long time and provide limited results. We live in an age where doing this sort of intelligence shouldn’t be prohibitive, because the number of issues with the ability to affect an organisation’s reputation is growing.

PR teams are dialled in to their audience and landscape, putting them in a perfect position to dispense integral knowledge to the business – providing an opportunity to further its reputation and influence decision-making across the organisation and at leadership levels.

This eGuide shows how PR & Comms can perform market intelligence, put it to good use in their communications activities and strategies, and go one step further by enabling better decision making in other departments and at the C-suite. The end result? PR is the font of knowledge within a business, raising its profile and giving it a more strategic function.

We’ll cover:

  • Using knowledge of the landscape to inform comms strategy
  • Utilising market intelligence to spot PR opportunities
  • Protecting against crises
  • Sharing key intelligence with leadership
  • Enabling better decision making in other departments

Making the most of market intelligence - download here

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