[On-demand] Signal AI Leadership Summit 2020

At our inaugural Leadership Summit, we spoke to some of the world’s top business leaders and thinkers about how they are making sense of the information overload, navigating through the current crisis and making decisions in the new normal. Watch the full event above, or the individual session recordings are below.

Session one – The Great Corporate re-set: ESG in the time of COVID-19

As global markets adjust to the new reality of the pandemic, the global demand for oil has dropped, and for the first time in history the price of oil has turned negative. Meanwhile S&P reported that investment funds with an environmental, social and governance (ESG) focus are outperforming the broader market during the pandemic. What are the opportunities and challenges for a great corporate reset, and how can business leaders make the best decisions at this time? What about supply chains? What role does technology, and particularly tools like artificial intelligence have to play in this?


  • Moira Benigson, Founder, The MBS Group
  • Eric Collins, Chief Executive, Impact X Capital
  • Chuka Umunna, Signal AI Advisory Board Member and Head of ESG at Edelman
  • Sapna Sood, Non Executive Director, Marks & Spencer

Session two – The AI Global Race: Who will lead in the next ten years?

Artificial intelligence is poised to transform the way we work, learn and live. How should countries build for AI success? How do you develop a national ecosystem to be both the makers and the takers of AI? Who will be the winners and losers of the AI race, and why? And, how can AI support decision making in the public sector?


  • Alexandra Mousavizadeh, Economist and Partner at Tortoise Media and creator of The Responsibility100 Index and The Global AI Index
  • Professor David Eaves, Lecturer of Public Policy, Kennedy School, Harvard University
  • Jason Furman, Chief Economist to President Obama
  • Gila Sacks, Director, Digital and Tech Policy, Department for Culture, Media & Sport (currently Director of Testing Policy & Strategy, NHS Test & Trace)
  • Stuart Russell, Professor of Computer Science at the University of California

Session three – The AI Disruptors: The next 5 years?

Artificial intelligence is going to change the world more than anything in the history of mankind, even more, according to Kai-Fu Lee, than electricity. Across the globe, businesses, governments and the public at large are already having to adapt to the rapid development of AI-powered technologies. In this age of great global disruption and evolution, what role does artificial intelligence have to play? Which organisations are getting it right? What new and old problems can AI solve?  Could, for instance, AI come to drive business decisions? Who are today’s AI pioneers and how are they creating tomorrow’s solutions? What does the next 5 years look like?


  • Simon Collins, Signal AI Advisory Board Member, Chairman Decoded, Non Executive Director Royal Air Force, former Chairman KPMG UK
  • David Benigson, CEO, Signal AI
  • Jacomo Corbo, Founder & Chief Scientist, QuantumBlack
  • Dr Vivienne Ming, Founder and Executive Chair, Socos Labs

If you are interested in hearing more about the event or to get involved in our autumn Leadership Summit, please get in touch with marketing@signal-ai.com.