[The Lock In Podcast] Talking to the media in lockdown, Simon English & Ian King

What is driving the business news agenda under lockdown? How will oil production cuts affect the market? What do Q1 earnings reports look like in light of Covid? Which ideas do Mervyn King and Luke Johnson have in common? Should we be worried about inflation, given the government’s unparalleled stimulus packages? How has Covid affected the news agenda? What should you be reporting on when the world is facing a global pandemic? These are some of the things we’ll be asking our guests on the podcast today.

We’re speaking to Simon English, Senior City Correspondent at the Evening Standard, and Ian King of Sky News’ daily Ian King Show, also a regular commentator for The Times.

We discuss what is driving the business news agenda, which institutions are garnering admiration amongst the media for the handling of the crisis, GlaxoSmithKline’s Emma Walmsley in the media with the unprecedented collaboration leading the charge for a coronavirus vaccine. How can the city communicate better? What about dividends and inflation? What is the path out of lockdown? And crucially, what role did Ian King play aged eight in his school play? Welcome to Signal AI’s Lock In Podcast.

The Speakers

Ian King is the host of Sky News’ Ian King Live show, broadcasting Monday-Friday at 1.30pm on Sky News, and is also a regular business and economics commentator for the Times.

Simon English is Chief City Reporter for the Evening Standard. He writes a regular Tuesday column and covers banks and telecoms specifically.

Georgie Weedon is the Head of Communications at Signal AI. She was the third employee to join the launch team of Al Jazeera English, and went on to report and make films and a book on various subjects.