[The Lock In Podcast] Talking to the media in lockdown, Simon English & Oliver Shah

How is Covid affecting the business news agenda? Has Covid changed the course of capitalism? Has it impacted AI? What should you report on when the world, and the economy, is facing a global pandemic? These are some of the things we’ll be asking our guests on the podcast today.

We’re speaking to Simon English, Senior City Correspondent at the Evening Standard and Oliver Shah the Sunday Times’s Business Editor, to find out what decisions today’s business journalists are making to bring us the news.

We discuss the challenges of a global lockdown, working remotely as journalists when it’s the busiest time in news flow since 2008. We explore the ingredients to a great business story, from the future of capitalism to the specific Covid challenges regulators and the Financial Conduct Authority face, and the changing tectonics between government and big tech as institutions, corporates and the public sector respond to the crisis. We discuss emerging trends in AI and finally, what we all want to know, what are journalists reading in lock down. Welcome to Signal AI’s Lock In Podcast.

The Speakers

Simon English is Chief City Reporter for the Evening Standard. He writes a regular Tuesday column and covers banks and telecoms specifically.

Oliver Shah is the award-winning Business Editor of the Sunday Times and one of the most respected national commentators on business and the high street.

Georgie Weedon is the Head of Communications at Signal AI. She was the third employee to join the launch team of Al Jazeera English, and went on to report and make films and a book on various subjects.

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