[Webinar] More than daily mentions: Can Artificial Intelligence transform the role of PR?

In this panel discussion Felix Danczak, Head of Strategy, Dr. Sylvia Tippmann, Product Data Scientist and Dwane Van Der Sluis, Data Scientist at Signal AI share their insights on how Artificial Intelligence analytics are shaping the future of PR and Comms.

About the panelist

Felix is Head of Strategy at Signal AI, a leading media intelligence SaaS provider. Over his career he has worked with leadership teams at Freuds, Brunswick, Warner Bros, BFI, Save the Children, Mars Inc, Skype, and numerous start-ups, advising and building overall strategic direction and the subsequent articulation of their vision.

Dr. Sylvia Tippmann is a data scientist at Signal AI She started out asa researcher in the field of computational genetics analysing genomic data from fruit-flies to mice. After her PhD she moved away from academic research exploring different industries from drug discovery to urban innovation, R&D in news and legal information services – always working with text data. Sylvia also did a MA in Journalism, and has special place in her heart for podcasts…

Dwane Van Dar Sluis Data Scientist at Signal AI He started his career after a MSc in Artificial Intelligence and Signal Processing as a researcher applying AI techniques to signal processing for the military, and recently completed a second Masters in Machine Learning and Information Retrieval. He has worked in a wide variety of companies including finance and startups.

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