[Report] The State of Media Monitoring

Media monitoring is evolving, thanks to the application of AI. More and more organizations are able to answer the questions that matter instead of spending time maintaining boolean strings and sifting through irrelevant coverage.

This means it takes seconds to find coverage and scan for opportunities, thereby helping to alleviate the tactical burden on comms, helping them to be more strategic. The CIPR’s State of the Profession report said “Despite calls for public relations professionals to shift away from tactics towards strategic influence, practitioners are still overwhelmingly engaged in tactical delivery.”

But using traditional tools to answer these questions simply takes too long. This report looks at the state of media monitoring, its problems and how to do it better. We discuss:

  • What to actually search for to deliver the right information
  • The problem with traditional media monitoring
  • What to look for in a reliable tool
  • How to cut the time it takes to monitor the media by harnessing AI
  • What questions to pose around media analysis.
The State of Media Monitoring: Download the report
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