[The Lock In Podcast] Talking to the media in lockdown, featuring The Sunday Times’ Danny Fortson

How did Silicon Valley become Silicon Valley? From the genesis of the hippy movement to government military contracts, Stanford and beyond why did Silicon Valley in particular become the birthplace of Zuckerberg’s dream or nightmare factory? Who are the movers and shakers in AI, and why isn’t Siri better at her job?

Today on the podcast we are talking to Danny Fortson, The Sunday Times’ West Coast Correspondent, who gives an insight into the workings of big tech companies and Silicon Valley.

The Speakers

Danny Fortson has been covering Silicon Valley as The Sunday Times’ West Coast Correspondent since 2017 and also hosts the Danny in the Valley podcast. He was previously City Editor for the paper.

Georgie Weedon is the Head of Communications at Signal AI. She was the third employee to join the launch team of Al Jazeera English, and went on to report and make films and a book on various subjects.

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