[The Lock In Podcast] Talking to the media in lockdown, featuring Suzy Jagger and Simon English

From breaking the Piers Morgan share tipping scandal to protecting your foreign correspondents from detention in far flung regimes, and writing an autobiography of someone whose politics you don’t necessarily agree with, how do you decide what stories matter and which ones go to print?

We’re talking to Suzy Jagger, The Times’ Deputy Foreign Editor, and Simon English, The Evening Standard’s Senior City Corespondent, about the decisions you make in a career as a journalist, as well as the future of the mainstream media.

The Speakers

Suzy Jagger is the Deputy Foreign Editor for The Times, having previously been Wall Street correspondent during the financial crisis and done extensive work abroad in an 18-year career with the paper.

Simon English is Chief City Reporter for the Evening Standard. He writes a regular Tuesday column and covers banks and telecoms specifically.

Georgie Weedon is the Head of Communications at Signal AI. She was the third employee to join the launch team of Al Jazeera English, and went on to report and make films and a book on various subjects.

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