[Webinar] Breakups are hard: How to maintain good relationships with former clients

The Client/Agency relationship is similar to any other relationship in life: they don’t always work out. A breakup could be due to a chemistry issue, unrealistic expectations, or maybe, the relationship has just run its course. Whatever the reason, a “conscious uncoupling” does not have to be painful. The world of PR is a small one, so chances are your paths will cross again. It’s important to remain on good terms with these “exes,” as they may talk to current partners or you might want to reconnect later on.

In this webinar, Paul Wilke, CEO of Upright Position Communications, shares personal industry experience that provides actionable insights into:

  • Avoiding a potential breakup scenario
  • Maintaining healthy relationships with past clients
  • Moving on from the breakup in a mutually beneficial way
  • Understanding and identifying problem signs in a working relationship that can be fixed
  • Identifying if you’re in an “It’s not you, it’s me” situation, or if it’s totally them

About the Speaker

Paul Wilke, CEO at Upright Position Communications, has worked on all sides of the PR equation – as a reporter, as a client and as someone who has worked in large and small agencies. Paul has seen both bad client-agency relationships and numerous client-agency relationships that have stood the test of time. Paul’s worked both in Asia and the US, with a focus on telling compelling stories, garnering on-message media coverage and providing sound strategic counsel for his clients. He spent time in-house at Visa and Splunk, and today runs Upright Position Communications, one of Silicon Valley’s leading IPO and tech PR firms.

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