[Webinar] Empower the rise of the Chief Communications Officer through AI and technology

Now more than ever, Chief Communications Officerss and comms leaders are expected to act as the high-level strategic advisors within their organizations. Their role has evolved from one that focuses solely on generating overall awareness, to holistic reputation management that is central to long term business growth and success. But in a world that has often struggled to fully appreciate or quantify the value of PR, how do you ensure communications teams are set up to be strategic?

Join our panel of senior communications professionals as they discuss the evolving role of the communications leader, how true strategic value is measured, and how AI is supercharging what their teams are capable of.

By the end of this session, participants will have an understanding of:

  • How to set up your team to be strategic and support decision making across your business.
  • How to create PR measurement frameworks that support long term business growth and success.
  • How AI is being used by teams to go beyond generating overall awareness to deliver greater value for the entire organization.
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