[Whitepaper] Using AI to elevate your comms strategy and inspire leadership

“It’s important to have a voice and have a champion of comms at the leadership level, but it’s also important to speak the language of leadership.”

Matching the success of PR with the success of the business is something all comms departments strive for. But ironically, as communicators, we can often find ourselves speaking in a siloed communications language that leadership doesn’t understand. Consequently, it can be hard to inspire leadership to see the real value of PR.

In this whitepaper, Signal AI Head of Communications Georgie Weedon shares her learnings from her career on how to inspire leadership with PR activities, including:

  • Strategic questions to pose for different communications activities, such as handling a crisis to securing opportunities and measuring PR success
  • Using AI to help bridge the gap between PR and leadership and enable comms teams to advise on decision making and help other areas of the business.
  • How to make PR a strategic advisor to leadership, ensuring reputation is factored in when deciding on a new strategy.
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