Surface risks more accurately, increase your team’s efficiency

Make sense of noisy, fragmented, and overwhelming data without combing through it manually, accurately and efficiently surfacing areas of potential risk.

What we do

Signal AI’s External Intelligence Platform quickly, accurately, and thoroughly surfaces external risks of all types, including company- and industry-level risk categories, KYC processes, and ongoing client or portfolio monitoring. Find only the most relevant information on companies of all sizes, public or private, and cut through the noise.

Capture all mentions of the company ecosystem in the world of external content

Access our diverse content set from 200 markets and 75 languages for confidence that all press mentions and external intelligence are known, with no incomplete data.

How our External Intelligence platform makes sense of the world’s data

Surface coverage that fits your proprietary risk framework to break through the noise

Harness cutting-edge AI to cut through the noise and uncover potential risks in a business and its ecosystem without the manual process.

How Deloitte better understands ocean plastic in the supply chain

Gather macro-level risks with proactive industry intelligence

Gain a structured view of how organizations are perceived on key topics and be alerted to anomalies, helping you stay on top of company and industry news and one step ahead.

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“This type of information, that we would not have found without the Signal AI platform, helped us to make the best decision for onboarding a new supplier out of multiple prospective suppliers.”

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