Mass layoffs, greenwashing, market volatility: What drove the reputation of the world's most talked-about companies in 2022

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Date: Wednesday, February 22nd

Time: 08:00 PT / 11:00 ET / 16:00 GMT

Duration: 30 minutes

About the organizers

This webinar promises to be an insightful discussion revealing leaders and hopefuls in corporate reputation. We’ll delve deeper into the latest insights gleaned from The Signal AI 500 analysis, such as:

  • Google is the corporate reputation leader, with a perfect score for Culture, Technology and Collaboration
  • Companies double downed on messaging around talent, philanthropy, climate and other Purpose topics
  • While the tech industry enjoyed the largest volume of coverage, it also ranked highest in negative mentions per company
  • The downsizing conversation extended well beyond Tech into Auto, Restaurants, Finance and Retail

About the webinar

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Businesses care more about reputation than ever before, but what drives a brand’s perception?

Join our upcoming webinar sharing the latest results from The Signal AI 500, a global reputation ranking of the world’s most talked-about companies.

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