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10:00 AM EST / 7:00 AM PST / 3:00 PM GMT
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 David Benigson, CEO Signal AI

David Benigson


Signal AI

10:10 AM EST / 7:10 AM PST / 3:10 PM GMT

Business decision making in turbulent times with Reuters Breakingviews' Rob Cox

The disruption of the global business landscape demands a new kind of agile and transparent leadership to both keep up with and drive the news agenda. In these turbulent and challenging times, how can business leaders make the best decisions?

Join Reuters’ Breakingviews Global Editor, Rob Cox, and hear from leaders in the communications, ESG, risk and resilience arena as they debate and discuss how they expect these fast changing leadership challenges (and unexpected opportunities) to influence leadership, decision making and global commerce in 2021.

Moderator: Rob Cox

Rob Cox

Author & Reuters Breakingviews Global Editor


Chuka Umunna

Executive Director and Head of ESG, Edelman

Advisory Board, Signal AI

Dr Andrea Bonime-Blanc

Founder and CEO

GEC Risk Advisory

11:00 AM EST/ 8:00 AM PST / 4:00 PM GMT

The Tech Disruption: When will it strike,  and who are the pioneers and radicals driving the change?

With the world’s largest and most influential social media channels editing who gets to speak, what does the future hold? Alongside the burgeoning powers of big tech another quiet revolution is emerging. The dawn of augmented intelligence is upon us, with a new kind of partnership between humans and machines focused on the immense value of “trainable” artificial intelligence (AI). Gartner believes this will create up to $2.9 trillion of business value and 6.2 billion hours of worker productivity globally by 2021. Across the world, businesses, governments and the public at large are already having to adapt to the rapid development of AI-powered technologies.

In this age of great global disruption and evolution, what role do technology companies have to play? Which organizations are getting it right? What new and old problems can AI solve? What business decisions can AI help to augment? Who are today’s AI pioneers and how are they creating tomorrow’s solutions? What should we expect from the next decade?

Moderator: Alexandra Mousavizadeh, Economist and Partner at Tortoise Intelligence and creator of The Global AI Index

Alexandra Mousavizadeh

Director, Tortoise Intelligence

Founder of The Global AI Index

David Benigson


Signal AI

Dex Hunter-Torricke

Head of Communications

Facebook's Oversight Board

Fabrizio Hochschild

Secretary-General’s Envoy on Technology

United Nations

Megan J Smith

CEO shift7

Former U.S. Chief Technology Officer serving under President Obama

11:50 AM EST / 8:50 AM PST / 4:50 PM GMT

Fireside: How Reputation and Leadership Can Drive Innovation

Jennifer Prosek, Founder, Prosek Partners, in conversation with Eileen Murray, Chair, FINRA.

Jennifer Prosek

Founder and CEO

Prosek Partners

Eileen Murray



12:40 PM EST / 9:40 AM PST / 5:40 PM GMT

Closing remarks by Matt Brown

Matt Brown

President Americas & APAC

Signal AI

About the organizers

Prosek Partners
Heyman Associates
Signal AI

About the speakers

Rob Cox, Author & Reuters Breakingviews Global Editor
Chuka Umunna, Executive Director and Head of ESG, Edelman Advisory Board, Signal AI
Andrea Bonime-Blanc, Founder & CEO, GEC Risk Advisory
Alexandra Mousavizadeh, Partner, Tortoise Media, Founder AI Global Index
David Benigson, CEO and Founder, Signal AI
Dex Hunter-Torricke, Head of Communications, Facebook's Oversight Board Administration
Jennifer Prosek, Founder and CEO Prosek Partners
Eileen Murray, Chair of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)
Matt Brown, President Americas & APAC, Signal AI
Fabrizio Hochschild, UN Sec-General’s Envoy on Technology

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