Signal AI’s API suite enables organizations to integrate reputation intelligence into their own workflows, combine with their own or third-party data from other sources to derive unique insights and visualise it through business intelligence interfaces.

Simple and flexible integration.

Access one of the world's most diverse and comprehensive global news datasets to enhance existing solutions or build net new offerings with minimal risk. Signal AI’s API has been developed with increased integration simplicity and flexibility ensuring you have the freedom to deliver the right solution for you.

Signal AI API

Leverage the power of Signal AI’s machine learning.

Our machine learning AIQ technology powers thousands of concept ‘Topics’, like sustainability, and ‘Entities’, such as locations, products, and organizations. It automatically applies proprietary sentiment analysis, deduplication, clustering, and ranking to help transform overwhelming information into structured data that you can use to power your solutions.

Three API endpoints (Affinity, Metrics, Search) give programmatic access to Signal AI’s proprietary reputational, and risk intelligence for the first time.

  • Search enables hyper relevant AI search over a billion documents, so organizations  can access only the most important and impactful data points and documents in real time.
  • Metrics enables organizations to run high level analysis to understand trends, patterns and emerging themes related to reputation and corporate perception.
  • Affinity allows users to discover connections between entities (e.g. companies) and topics, understand their proximity and how it develops over time, providing them with actionable intelligence about reputational risks and communication opportunities.
“Signal AI’s new Affinity capability allows users to understand the proximity of entities such as companies to various topics, and track the change in proximity over time.”

Knowledge graph: Mapping relationships

Using human and machine-based intelligence, AIQ identifies concepts from concrete entities to notional topics, sentiment and relationships from everything it reads. It then links that information to its underlying knowledge graph, creating a network of relationships dynamically mapped by AIQ between topics, entities, products, people, regulations and concepts it has been trained to understand. The knowledge graph then helps decision makers predict the ramifications of the events and decisions with which they are contending.

Integrating Signal AI data into your dashboards

The API suite has been designed to integrate with simplicity and flexibility, with REST HTTP integration. We can support you through the process of integrating our data from the API endpoints to visualizing what works best for your business. By easily plugging in to your existing dashboards, you can use Signal AI data to deliver the right solution for your business.

Solutions powered by Signal AI’s API

“Signal AI’s new Affinity capability allows users to understand the proximity of entities such as companies to various topics, and track the change in proximity over time. It provides EY with actionable intelligence by flagging the identity, speed and scale of potential reputational risks and communication opportunities.” Read how EY makes use of the Signal AI API

Reputation: In an era of increased transparency, large organizations have a strategic need to understand the perception of their brand and the companies they work with, in the market. Our clients dynamically measure the trustworthiness of companies, saving hundreds of hours of manual analysis through our flexible ‘Topic’ concepts via our API.

ESG Perception: Using our API to integrate into dashboards, companies are able to track ‘ESG Perception’ – a metric that measures how an organization is perceived in relation to Environmental, Social, and Governance factors. The pillars that define ESG (such as sustainability, diversity, corporate governance) can be aligned to popular frameworks, such as SASB or customized in Signal AI according to the specific needs of your organization.

Supply Chain Risk: FMCG companies often struggle to proactively track the shifting consumer and regulatory sentiment towards the thousands of ingredients and components used in their global products. Powered by our API, organizations can track emerging risks for any of their key components across the globe at scale, and plan for potential supply chain disruptions.

View the full documentation supporting our API here.

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