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Signal AI builds solutions that complement the human expertise within your organisation with artificial intelligence — solutions that expand your teams’ knowledge with up-to-the-minute information and supplement their processing capacity by trawling through millions of data and content sources for them. Empowering them to build their strategy, manage their reputation, mitigate their risks and maximise their returns.

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PR & Communications

Signal AI gives PR and communications professionals unlimited, real-time access to the world's print, online and broadcast media.

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Compliance & Risk

Signal AI is a single source of knowledge on regulatory updates across multiple geographies and business areas for risk, tax, and compliance.

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Agency & Consultancy

Signal AI provides invaluable insights for agency and consultancy teams so they can build compelling pitches as well as share knowledge and improved reporting with their existing clients.

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Senior Leaders & C-Suite

Signal AI empowers senior leaders with real-time business intelligence to make better more informed decisions for their organisation.

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Business decisions are often made based upon intuition and limited data. Signal AI brings together an unprecedented base of external data  with industry-leading AI to transform decision-making with augmented intelligence.

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ESG Performance Monitoring

Using the latest AI and alternative datasets, Signal AI can unlock valuable insights to track Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) alongside conventional sustainability information.

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Manage portfolios and make investments against ESG performance.

Supply Chain Risk

Signal AI mines the world's media, regulatory data and blogs to help organisations monitor and act on the integrity of their supply chain.

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Discover and track unfolding global events to predict disruption in real-time.

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