Signal AI's Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) offering

ESG Performance Monitoring

Using the latest AI and alternative datasets, Signal AI can unlock valuable insights to track Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) alongside conventional sustainability information.


Organisations can no longer afford to ignore their impact on the environment, society and their employees. There is an increasing demand from consumers and investors for companies to adopt more sustainable practices.

Using industry-leading AIQ technology and alternative datasets, Signal AI can unlock valuable insights to track ESG alongside conventional sustainability information.

Signal AI's ESG offering

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Manage portfolios and make investments against ESG performance

Investment managers can leverage Signal AI to monitor the performance of their corporate assets against ESG metrics.


How Signal AI can help:


  • Off the shelf AI models - Leverage Signal AI's off the shelf ESG topics e.g. diversity in the workplace.
  • Search technology powered by AI - Our AIQ technology allows you to track ambiguous named brands in your portfolio and distinguishes people, products, components and locations.
  • Global data points - Use our translated global data to get a view to understand local markets.
  • Our real-time alerts can serve as an early warning.
Manage portfolios and make investments against ESG performance.

Bring an ESG lens to uncover risk during due diligence

Focus your efforts on ethical investing with a programmatic lens on ESG.


Understand your ESG trust score


We created a reference model on ESG to benchmark the trustworthiness of key brands, allowing companies to evaluate advice on who to do business with.


  • Deep and diverse content, such as media, social, regulation, etc., that are key ingredients that provide a lens for beyond the traditional metrics and sources.
  • Custom machine learning models on pillars of trust that contribute to the creation of the score e.g. ethics, financial scandal, brand perception.
Uncover risk in your due diligence

Attract capital from investors with ESG concerns

Gain a competitive edge in profiling potential investors and find prospects according to your defined ESG fingerprint.


Custom topic scanning:


  • Custom AI Models - We developed a “fingerprint” (model) on definition of ESG topics e.g. ethics and sustainability.
  • Our AI powered company entities make the process quick and accurate.
  • Integrate with your own platform to ensure analysts have access to insights in a single tool.
Attract capital from investors with ESG concerns.