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Signal AI is helping the world’s largest firms take advantage of the explosion in external data.


Business decisions are often made based upon intuition and limited data. There is a vast amount of external data available to businesses but it is difficult to leverage. Signal AI brings together an unprecedented base of external data across news, regulatory, social, and broadcast media with industry-leading AI to transform decision-making with augmented intelligence.

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A platform that allows you to monitor and assess your reputation, industry, and competitive environment in real-time. Digitise your domain expertise into our AI and apply it across an industry leading dataset.

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Businesses across all industries are using our technology to unlock new insights, creating new propositions and disrupting ways of working:


  • Monitor risk across your portfolio, supply chain or industry environment
  • Track changing sentiment across key regulatory areas for your business
  • Create unique, non-financial measures to inform your investment strategy and stay ahead of market trends
Coworkers monitor and plan against risk

Integrate with Signal AI’s API

With proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology that reads and understands each piece of information, Signal AI facilitates the effective and efficient extraction of intelligence and core business insights from news and regulatory metadata; in real-time across millions of data points.

Signal AI's API aids innovation by allowing you to integrate our AI-enriched metadata across diverse external datasets into your broader business intelligence and technology landscape.


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Case Study

Learn how Deloitte Global offers clients an artificial intelligence (AI) platform powered by Signal AI. The platform can monitor, measure, and analyse changes in tax regulation in real-time to give Deloitte clients the edge in monitoring and responding to regulatory updates across the world.


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