Signal AI is a strategic communications tool that uses artificial intelligence to interpret the global media and turn it into insight for communications teams.

The value of your reputation is immeasurable and more closely linked to company performance than ever before. Trained by you, our AI-powered platform makes sense of the global media across millions of sources from an array of channels. The AI surfaces what matters to your business so that you can focus on strategic reputational questions, such as:
  • What are we/what do we want to be famous for? Do we lead or follow the debates relevant to us?
  • How do we compare to our competitors and aspiring peers?
  • Are we ahead of any risks or threats? Can we see emerging issues on the horizon?
  • How are we measuring our success? Does the wider organization know about it?
  • Can we adapt our strategy in real-time based on newly emerging information?

Plan data-driven PR strategies and monitor your results. Protect your reputation by identifying potential threats. Then share knowledge and  relevant information. Finally measure the impact of your strategy. Our AI-powered tool surfaces key insight to power your strategic communications decisions.