Signal AI helps you build PR measurement programs that align with business objectives.

PR measurement programs that deliver true value.

Outdated metrics and marketing funnel comparisons have left PR and Communications teams struggling to clearly define measurement frameworks that highlight value. Signal AI helps develop and support measurement strategies that align with corporate objectives - highlighting the true impact PR & Communications has on overall company performance and the true value of reputation management work.

Real-time, flexible AI-powered analytics

Instant insight with AI-powered Dashboards.

Go beyond traditional baseline reporting with real-time, flexible AI-powered analytics Dashboards. Integrated with Signal AI’s search functionality, our dashboards give you an instant insight into shifts in sentiment, comparisons in competitive share-of-voice, and key message pull-through so that you can ensure your strategies can adapt in real-time.

“Signal AI helps develop and support PR measurement strategies that align with corporate objectives.”

Increased insight with AI-powered bespoke analysis.

Signal AI blends together industry-leading AI technology with expert human curation and analysis to enhance measurement programs. Include proprietary first-party data alongside insight from the Signal ® platform, layer on detailed summarization to newsletters, or deliver detailed monthly and quarterly reports to the board - Signal AI delivers value at every stage of your PR measurement program.

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