Signal AI alerts you to the early warning signs of a growing crisis, empowering effective PR crisis management.

Stop a crisis before it hits.

With an ever-expanding list of ways your reputation can be pulled into a crisis, traditional PR tools focus on management rather than prevention. Signal AI understands protecting that reputation is as much about identifying and mitigating potential risks as it is about managing them when the worst happens.

Whether it’s a change in government legislation or simply the beginnings of a shift in public opinion, Signal AI alerts you to these early warning signs before they become an issue, giving you the time and insight you need to prepare and act.

Stay ahead and control the narrative

Look beyond your immediate universe.

Avoiding a reputational crisis requires constant vigilance and an adaptable strategy that allows you to react as and when new information becomes available. The flexibility of Signal AI’s platform, coupled with our real-time classification and distribution engine, ensures you have all the latest data so that you can stay ahead and control the narrative - regardless of where in the world the story breaks.

“Protecting your reputation has never been more important. Track your business landscape in the media and stay one step ahead of the news cycle.”

Built to prevent and support a crisis.

  • Real-Time Alerts - Ensure you’re in the know the second a crisis hits. Keep ahead of the story as it unfolds and follow as the news agenda develops globally, allowing you to adjust your response strategy in real-time.
  • Early Warning Systems - By not restricting saved searches, Signal AI allows you to set up early warning systems for areas that may cause you reputational harm. Be alerted as soon as your search starts to bring back results so that you can address an emerging story before it breaks.
  • Deeper Analysis - Signal AI’s insights and dashboard capabilities help you understand what is or isn’t driving your coverage during a crisis. Understand spikes and dips in coverage and monitor real-time sentiment so you can manage your message and adjust your strategy accordingly.

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