Signal AI empowers communicators to be strategic advisors through comprehensive online news tracking.

Sharing is at the heart of the Signal ® Platform.

An effective and unified communications strategy requires you to share the right information at the right time. Whether it’s a weekly newsletter, daily round-up, or a real-time breaking news alert, our suite of Strategic PR tools is designed to make sharing knowledge across your organization quicker and easier than ever before.

Built on top of our intuitive search functionality, Signal AI’s news tracking and reporting capabilities keep you up-to-date in real-time while empowering you to create, schedule, and distribute content in a format that best suits your audience.

Distributed with ease across all departments

Powering decisions beyond the PR team.

Signal AI’s diverse content sets empower Communications teams to go beyond day-to-day news monitoring and extend their view into previously inaccessible areas. Teams can include alternative data sets alongside the latest news and media content to help inform stakeholders across an organization.

Content from the Signal ® platform can be customized to the requirements of multiple audiences and distributed with ease to help power better, more informed decisions across all departments.

“Content from the Signal ® platform can be customized to the requirements of multiple audiences and distributed with ease to help power better, more informed decisions across all departments.”

News Tracking - Built for easy knowledge and insight distribution.

  • Real-Time News Alerts - With real-time alerts delivered straight to your inbox, you can track an unfolding story, be alerted to breaking news, and be the first to see any mentions of your organization.
  • Automated Round-Ups - Create automated round-ups for multiple searches and get all the latest news delivered to you on a schedule that suits your audience.
  • AI-Powered Briefings - Let AIQ do the heavy lifting for you by automatically selecting the stories of note from high volume searches. Whether it’s industry news or just areas of general interest, our AI Briefings give you the ability to stay on top of things that matter to your business while reading less.
  • Self-Curated Newsletters - Signal ®’s flexible and customizable report builder allows you to easily curate daily round-ups and newsletters. Quickly add stories from anywhere in the platform and edit them to add custom commentary or create custom stories from content outside of the Signal ® platform.
  • Dashboards - Integrated with Signal ®’s search functionality, our dashboards give you an instant insight into shifts in sentiment, comparisons in competitive share-of-voice, and key message pull-through so that you can ensure your strategies can adapt in real-time.

Only see relevant results and track the topics that matter

Utilize AI-powered topics to share only the most relevant coverage


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