The reliance on vendors and ingredients from across the world exposes your global supply chain to greater risk.

Understand supply chain risk

Signal AI has specialized features to help organizations detect, manage, and predict risks in their supply chain, thanks to our industry-leading AIQ technology.

Signal AI can also help you understand shifting public and regulatory sentiment to your components, materials, products and ingredients. Discover and track unfolding global events to predict disruption in real-time, and better understand the perceptions of your suppliers, products, and ingredients.

Signal AI helps you to better understand your suppliers

Better understand your suppliers

Reduce the time it takes to assess risk for products, ingredients, suppliers, and simultaneously increase the visibility into those suppliers to reduce risk. 

Ensuring perception & reputation:

  • You can use pre-existing models or train your own AI topics to assess the perception of key brands, products or ingredients and better evaluate professional advice on who to do business with.
  • Our deep and diverse content set covering the macro to the hyper-local, such as news media and regulation, is a key ingredient for reducing supply chain risk.
  • AI-powered entities ensure the process is quick and accurate, removing noise.
  • Companies can create custom models aligned with their risk requirements
“We take the world’s data and connect it, surfacing critical risks to your supply chain.”

De-risk your supply chain

Changes in consumer and regulatory sentiment towards key ingredients and components can jeopardize a once-popular product. With the Signal ® platform you can understand the real-time public & regulatory sentiment to your components, materials, products & ingredients, and get the insight needed to evolve your products ahead of these shifts.

Uncover your  risk:

  • Our AI-powered component index enables you to track your portfolio of ingredients or products.
  • The index score includes bespoke and off the shelf metrics, such as volume, sentiment, source, saliency, and connected entities, which fingerprint any at-risk ingredients, in real-time.
Track unfolding global events with Signal AI

Discover and monitor emerging risks

Maintaining a consistent supply is a key part of any manufacturing process. Fluctuations or disturbances can lead to immediate cost, both financial and reputational.

  • Proactive AI topic tracking to monitor disruptive events.
  • Regional content and translations fuelled by AI analysis on geographic entities and specific organizations.
  • Real-time alerts can serve as an early warning sign for tactical supply chain risk management and planning for just-in-time (JIT) and lean manufacturing.

Signal AI’s Supply Chain Risk tool uses artificial intelligence to interpret data and turn it into key in-the-moment insight for Supply Chain Risk leaders. Fuel your Supply Chain performance with trainable AI today.

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