[Watch] Collaboration in the time of Covid-19

Thank you for watching our webinar on collaborating during the time of Covid-19.

We’ve recently launched Workspaces onto our platform, giving comms teams the ability to work more closely together and continue to deliver on PR objectives. In-house comms leaders can share workspaces across teams, and time zones, while PR and communications agencies can create workspaces for individual clients and share critical information across teams working remotely. With Workspaces, clients can:

  • Create shared workspaces, where multiple team members and stakeholders can work together by compartmentalizing projects for each client or initiative
  • Understand performance by organizing campaigns into Workspaces and use the AIQ engine to turn data into insight
  • Create private project workspaces to develop a strategy
  • Co-create and edit newsletters with colleagues in different locations, in real-time, or share updates or previews of newsletters with key decision-makers ahead of a launch.

Read more on Workspaces here.