Webinar: Supercharging PR For Fast Growth Business

Fast growth businesses demand to be treated differently. Their fast-track route to success is one of bespoke systems and custom processes, and PR for these businesses is no different. Guest speaker Gideon Joseph, is CEO and founder of Transatlantic, a global marketing and communications consultancy, working with fast growth entrepreneurial businesses – large and small – in the UK and US. Some of their clients include the likes of Microsoft; Skype; mytaxi; Blackberry; SwiftKey; Yo Sushi.

In this webinar Gideon discusses:

  • The art of creating a narrative that generates awareness and reputation
  • How to create engaging content that can resonate with your audience
  • Clever connectivity and the power of partnerships
  • The evolution of the comms approach and modern marketing for modern brands.

About Gideon Joseph

Gideon Joseph is CEO and founder of Transatlantic. Before starting Transatlantic, Gideon spent 15 years producing and commissioning factual and entertainment television working at SKY; the BBC; Channel 4; ITV as well as for the New York Times. He has worked with a range of talent and influencers ranging from Jamie Oliver to Jack and Finn Harries through to Jeremy Paxman and Ant and Dec. Gideon lives in London and graduated from Cambridge University.