Welcome to a new generation of artificial intelligence designed to turn the world’s data into actionable knowledge, and empower businesses to make confident decisions.

What is AIQ?

AIQ is the brain behind the Signal AI. In essence, AIQ can learn, much like a brain does, what things are and why some things matter more than others.

AIQ takes in and makes sense of over 5 million news and regulatory documents each day. It surfaces the critical insight you need to know and allows businesses to interpret at scale, and in real-time, levels of external data and information that would have traditionally been inaccessible.

The technology is even more powerful because of its Human-AI feedback loop which means it is always iterating and learning. It is this combination of artificial intelligence and human intelligence, Augmented Intelligence, that makes AIQ so transformative, augmenting business decisions, at scale.

Signal AIQ

How does AIQ work?

Our cutting edge applied AI is at the core of everything we do.

  • AIQ enables companies and individuals to create proprietary frameworks by digitizing their knowledge and help train specific entities and topics to capture insights relevant to their business.
  • AIQ automatically applies proprietary sentiment analysis, deduplication, clustering, and ranking to transform an overwhelming amount of information into structured data that drive better decision making.
  • AIQ powers thousands of searchable “Topics” like “sustainability” and ”Entities” such as locations, products, organizations that eliminate the need for lengthy exclusion Boolean logic.
“Train AIQ to spot, interpret, and recommend what matters most to your business.”

Leading academics and researchers power our AIQ

AIQ is the brainchild of Signal AI’s internationally recognized Research team and includes collaborations with many of the best universities and research labs in the world. At Signal AI around 30% of our colleagues are data scientists, engineers and product people, working hard to build and train our artificial intelligence to learn our customer’s pain points and, in turn, to spot, interpret and recommend relevant data to augment crucial decision-making. We’re at the cutting edge of this technology and are proud to have AI at the root of our business.

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