The Signal AI 500 is a global reputation ranking of the world's most talked-about companies, spanning more than 20 industries.

Dive into the full 2022 Signal AI 500 Global Reputation Ranking below.

Unlike surveys, the Signal AI 500 uses big data and artificial intelligence to benchmark a company’s reputation on hundreds of topics—from R&D to M&A, ranking them on three levels:

  1. Overall reputation score (out of 100) of corporations for the past 12 months, as of Q4 2022.
  2. The importance of Innovation, Purpose and Performance in their narrative.
  3. Scores on key themes within their narrative, like “Technology”,“CSR” or “Governance”.

The Signal AI 500 challenges previous assumptions in three ways:

  • It’s global: it takes into account coverage across 150 languages, giving a spotlight to international companies from all regions.
  • It’s objective: we don’t make assumptions on what topics matter, we let their prevalence (and the excitement they inspire) tell us if they really matter.
  • It’s wide-reaching: by ranking corporations–not their brands–we look beyond household names, and zero-in on the reputational impact of a company’s actions.

You can dive into the Signal AI 500 Global Reputation Ranking below.

Go beyond the ranking: Which tech giant has the strongest reputation? Which industry has the most scrutiny on ESG? What organizations are most associated with downsizing conversations? To find out some of the insights gleaned from The Signal AI 500 most talked-about companies of 2022, watch the webinar here.

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About The Signal AI 500 Global Reputation Ranking

The Signal AI 500 is powered by Signal AI x Kelp, our new corporate reputation offering – powered by a framework and scoring algorithm which digests two billion news articles, social media posts, financial announcements, research reports, podcasts and broadcasts annually to dive deep into what drives positive reputation across 500 companies, spanning more than 30 industries.

Signal AI x Kelp fuses a variety of metrics to craft actionable reputation insights – quantifying the aggregate impact of all company actions and communications and delivering the AI-powered reputation benchmark. It’s not about who’s talked about the most, but whose messages are received the best.

Signal AI x Kelp scores a company on hundreds of topics, enabling companies to dive deeper than ever into specific ways to strengthen their reputation. For example:

  1. In Innovation, that spans exciting technologies like immuno-oncology, quantum computing, or interoperability.
  2. In Purpose, it includes storylines like DE&I leadership representation, wildlife protection, and political advocacy.
  3. In Performance, it examines how well companies are perceived on topics like advanced manufacturing, shareholder activism, and their long term business outlook.

What Differentiates Our Methodology?

Old-school surveys offer surface-level, unspecific insights. With Signal AI x Kelp, executives can transform reputation into a real business asset—one that can be measured and strengthened.

  • Accuracy: Signal AI’s topics (like R&D) and entities (like Microsoft) are AI-trained—as opposed to Boolean searches limited to humans typing keywords—which offers far better data accuracy. Our AI also scores sentiment at an entity level, not the entire article. This means we can capture if a company is mentioned positively or negatively, regardless of the article’s tone.
  • Scoring: our proprietary algorithm fuses multiple metrics, like share of voice and net positive sentiment. AI enables us to capture salience—or how prominent a company is featured in an article. Because storylines shift every day, our Dynamic Weighting system changes the importance of a topic in a given time period, ensuring a story’s importance (or irrelevance) is accurately factored into scores.
  • Industry-Specific: our topics are tailored to an industry’s most influential storylines, allowing us to compare companies on fair and unbiased baselines.

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